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Our Prices

At this page you can find out more about our prices and about our services. Of course, all the prices presented at this page are regular but do not forget that we are ready to discuss the actual prices and discounts with our clients.

Paysites designfrom $199watch samples
add pagefrom $50
AVS designfrom $199watch samples
FHG/MPG/FLVfrom $20watch samples
CJ/TGP/Tubefrom $50watch samples
Static bannerfrom $7watch samples
Animated bannerfrom $10watch samples
Headerfrom $20
Logofrom $50
Other designindividually
Again, we want to draw your attention to the fact that all the prices are discussible and we would do everything to satisfy the needs of our clients. You can also watch the examples of our work to understand our services better.

Contact Us

We are always open for communication with our clients through e-mail or/and ICQ.

Special Offers

Paysites Offers

Besides our usual services, we give you a chance to choose among several paysites packs offers. Order what you need for lower price.

  • - main page
  • - join page
  • - main page
  • - join page
  • - members area
  • - 1 mpg + 1 fhg
  • - 5 banners
  • - main page
  • - tour page
  • - join page
  • - members area
  • - 5 galleries
  • - 5 banners
  • - main page
  • - 2 tour pages
  • - join page
  • - members area
  • - 8 galleries
  • - 10 banners
  • - 1 hpa + 1 fpa

Additional pages for all paysites packs – starting from $50

Pay attention to this option. You can order an unlimited quantity of additional pages for any paysite for a reasonable price.

Promo Offers

For paysite clients. In order to please our clients, we offer an additional service to them. You can order a promo for your paysite for a very special price. We give 20% discount to those who order a paysite design. We give 15% discount to those who order promo materials for paysites of our design. We give 20% discount to wholesale buyers.

Wholesale orders! We are always ready to discuss discounts, bonuses and additional services with the clients who are willing to make wholesale orders. Just contact us by e-mail or ICQ and we will answer any questions you will have and will define the discount’s size.

Promo for our paysites designs. We offer discounts for creating promo materials for sites which we already designed. In order to get those discounts contact us and we will discuss each order in detail.

Template Offers

Pay attention that we also make templates according to your demands. Besides the creation of new templates, we can change the existing ones for your needs.